Applications for your Industry

Electroless Nickel is generally applied for five different reasons – coatings used for corrosion protection, wear resistance, buildup of worn or over-machined surfaces, solderability or lubricity(slip/release).

These properties are utilized by all segments of industry, either separately or in combination.

The following table outlines some industry sectors and associated benefits using Electroless Nickel as a functional coating.


Sector Component Improvement
Hydraulics Pistons and housings Corrosion & wear resistance
Plastics manufacturing and Tools & Dies Plastic injection moulds and extrusion dies, nozzles, toolplates, Corrosion & wear resistance, improved article release and easy to clean.
Textiles Shuttles, thread guides, needles. Fabric quality, service life.
Printing Printing rolls and press bed Corrosion & wear resistance
Paper Guides, knives, formers Service life, accuracy.
Pneumatics Pistons, guides Service life, accuracy
Petroleum and Chemical Pumps and impellors, all valves, spray nozzles, housings Corrosion & wear resistance
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment and machinery, surgical utensils Corrosion resistance & cleanliness
Pumps Housing, impellers, pistons Corrosion & wear resistance
Marine Fittings, hardware, pumps and equipment Corrosion & wear resistance
Chemical Mixers, reactors, valves Corrosion & wear resistance
Food Baking pans, fryers, mixing bowls, machinery Corrosion & wear resistance, Ease of release, cleanliness.
Electronics & Electrical Heat sinks, junction fittings, motor shafts, rotor blades, stator rings, housings Corrosion & wear resistance, solderabilty, conductivity

Precision Machined Components

Electroless Nickel deposits are of uniform thickness and hard(around 48RockwellC as plated) making EN an ideal coating for plating precision parts requiring wear and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel look of the coating transforms the appearance of the plated component.

Plastics Moulds & Dies

Plating 5 microns of Electroless Nickel provides superior corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and excellent release properties.

If you’re a tool maker or plastics manufacturer see our various Applications for Electroless Nickel.

More information?

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